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  • Ziplock bags

    Ziplock bags - a simple classic

    Ziplock bags provide a professional packing solution at a budget price. Whether carrying artwork or presenting documents, this simple classic design is ideal.

  • Ziplock bags

    Wholesale prices, unbeatable value

    Our range of ziplock bags are second to none for quality and price. They start out cheap and the more you buy the cheaper they get!

  • Ziplock bags

    Perfect presentation

    Whether presenting important documents, showcasing retail products or using as a conference delegate wallet, ziplock or ziplite bags are perfect for presenting materials.

  • Ziplock bags

    Cut out the middle-man - buy direct!

    Whatever type of ziplock, zipper or grip seal bag you’re after, buy direct from the UK's top manufacturer to save money and get the personal touch.

What is a ziplock bag?

Ziplock bags are clear polythene bags fitted with a simple ziplock fastener for easy storage of a wide range of products. They are part of the zip seal group of bags and the wider family of self-seal bags and resealable bags.

The classic ziplock bag features a ‘slidergrip’ ziplock seal that runs along the top length of the bag. This features a clasp that slides along the bag seal and, depending on the direction of travel, either opens or closes the two sides of the bag together. This mechanism works much in the same way as a zip fastener, which gives the ziplock bag its name.

The Ziplock bag - along with the ziplite bag and the zipper bag - provides a professional packing solution for a wide range of a material. Whether you need to carry project work to school, showcase a portfolio of your work, present publicity material to clients or impress delegates at a conference, there is a ziplock bag to help you get the job done, whatever your budget.

Zipper, ziplock, ziplite - variations on a theme

The zipper bag is the number one premium quality plastic bag with a zip fastener. Made with a durable metal zip and with a distinctive red profile running along the length of the bag, the zipper is a top-of-the-range bag and thus perfect for presenting material at conferences.

The ziplock bag is a brilliant budget alternative to the zipper bag. It serves much the same purpose, but with a plastic slider grip rather than a metal zip. Available in a range of sizes, the ziplock is a 'simple-classic' design that offers a professional packing solution for a variety of tasks.

The ziplite bag is a close derivative of the ziplock, but weighs in at less than half the weight for the same size bag - hence the name. Ziplite bags provide high clarity to showcase your products and come with a bottom gusset to allow for the packaging of bulky items.

Zip seal & grip seal bags - don’t get confused!

The grip seal bag, often known as the mini grip bag or gripper bag, is a resealable polythene bag and a cousin of the zip seal or ziplock bag but, whilst sharing many similar features, there is a distinct difference between the two.

Rather than a zip, grip seal bags are opened and closed using a simple plastic grip seal that runs along the top of the bag. This grip seal is comprised of two plastic ridges (one male and one female) that fit neatly one inside the other to clasp the bag shut when squeezed together.

Grip seal bags are available in an extensive range covering a wide variety of uses, including plain, coloured, labelled and heavy duty bags, as well as specialised grip seal carrier bags, antistatic grip seal bags for electrical components, black grip seal bags for extra security and specimen bags with labels - popular with doctors, police and forensics experts!

So, whilst related and just as useful in its own many ways, the grip seal bag is not to be confused with the ziplock or zip seal bag. And with so many fantastic options to choose from, why choose a bag that’s not 100 percent right for you?

The zipper bag - a winner at conferences!

Major conferences are often among the most important events in an industry’s calendar. They offer companies small and large a unique opportunity to impress the people at the heart of their industry, show competitors that they mean business and showcase their products to their target market, with the potential to win new or repeat custom.

Companies often break the bank on publicity material or spend hours drawing up impressive documents to present to conference delegates only to do so poorly - either as loose bits of paper that get easily damaged, separated or lost, or in a cheap flimsy plastic sleeve that often says more than the material it contains. No matter how good your material is, if you don’t present it well you risk making the wrong impression from the outset.

Ziplock bags prevent this. Smart and sturdy, they show that you are professional from the outset. Their clear exterior allows you to show off your best publicity materials inside the bag, while the simple ziplock fastener allows delegates to access your reports and brochures with ease. As delegates invariably collect lots of material to read after the conference, a ziplock bag will help ensure that your company leaves a lasting impression and increases the chances that your visitors become your customers.

Here are just some of the industries from which companies regularly turn to the zipper or ziplock bag for impressing delegates at conferences:

  • Agriculture
  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Banking
  • Computer
  • Energy
  • Entertainment & Leisure
  • Financial Services
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Publishing
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Service
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications

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Jewelry Ziplock Bags

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Use a ziplock bag to make your own Zippy puppet!

On a lighter note, the ziplock bag also provides a fun and cheap way to amuse small children or easily-pleased adults, by making your very own puppet like Zippy - the loud wide-mouthed character from 1980’s children’s TV show Rainbow.

Required materials:

  • One ziplock bag (size optional)
  • Two soft fuzzy felt balls (from a craft pack)
  • Some glue
  • Some felt-tipped pens (optional)

Directions for making your Zippy puppet:

  • Take your ziplock bag and lay it out on the table, with the ziplock edge facing you
  • Take your two felt balls and have them ready to stick on your puppet as eyes
  • Place a small amount of glue in two places alongside the near edge of the bag, halfway between the middle and either end of the zipper opening
  • Place the first felt ball on one of the glue spots and squeeze down for a few seconds
  • Repeat with the second felt ball and the other glue spot
  • Leave the glue to dry (time depends on the type of glue)
  • Once dry, pick up your ziplock bag and make the bag open and close to resemble a mouth. You can even zip the mouth shut just like Zippy
  • If you like, you can even use a felt-tipped pen to draw a mouth inside the bag and some pupils on to the eyes to make the puppet even more realistic (optional)

And there you have it - hours of fun guaranteed, with the right audience. Enjoy your Zippy puppet!